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How to become an elite DraftKings player


There are large numbers of of people using DFS every day. They aim to gain some of the huge money jackpots available. Tons of those people signed up to use DraftKings using a promotion code for a initial deposit bonus and free entry to their first contest. As DraftKings expands into the United Kingdom, and plans to increase business even further to Asia and Latin America, even more people will be introduced to DFS. Each one of these players hope to come out on top of the other players in every tournament that they compete in, spending tons of time doing homework for their tactics prior to playing. There are a lot of sites that have tactics for brand new people. It is a smart idea to take advantage of the tactics given at these sites prior to trying your hand at DraftKings. There are also multiple things you can easily do to increase the winning percentage of your bench. DraftKings free entry promo code One basic trick is to check the injury table before you start your roster. If you lose a player to a unpredictable injury, your likelihood of winning a game decrease significantly. The best contestants at DraftKings take advantage of these tips, and they can boast of coming out on top more frequently as a result. There are also many high level tools that can be implemented to increase your winning percentage. Many people pay a enormous quantity of cash to gain access to these tricks, but a lot of those tactics can also be taken advantage of for no cost. Looking at player stats is part of an experienced technique that can be put in place by anyone that knows how to use an excel spreadsheet. You can compare the history of your started players in a spreadsheet and look back over your old lineups to find what worked best for you. Taking some time to do your homework will go a long ways to growing your prize winnings in DFS. It might be hard work, but if you aim to win more often you will need to put in more work.

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